Kanban Thinking

Kanban Thinking is a model which represents an approach to solving problems using kanban-based techniques. One of its goals is to avoid being prescriptive, while still capturing the essence of much of what has been learned over recent years. The core components that enable this are heuristics that guide the design of kanban systems by understanding the nature if the system, describing desirable impacts, and identifying possible interventions. The heuristics can be explore by working through the Kanban Canvas.


How to assess the systemic problem and who is experiencing it.


How to assess the fitness criteria in terms of flow, value & potential.


How to assess the evolutionary potential by studying, sharing, stabilising, sensing & searching.



What stories can be told about the work going through a perfect process which has reliability and efficiency?


What stories can be told about the work being done about passionate people who have flexibility and euphoria?


What stories can be told about the work creating an unbeatable product which has validity and effectiveness?



What could be learnt about customer and stakeholder needs, the resultant demand, and how that demand is processed?


What information is important to share, and how can tokens, the inscriptions on theam, and their placements, create a common understanding?


What policies could help limit work in process, and remove unnecessary or unexpected delays or rework?


What measures and meetings might create insights and guide decisions on potential interventions?


What small experiments could be run to safely learn the impact of different interventions?

Kanban Canvas

The Kanban Canvas is designed to be printed on A0 paper and used to collaboratively explore the model when designing a kanban system.


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